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It was 1985 and two brothers, Illias (Lou) and Nikos (Nick) Kakouris, started planning their own venture which was to be unveiled two years later in the quaint town of Fremont, NH.
Both had worked their way through high school. Nick managed a small variety store and his younger brother Lou had worked at two pizza restaurants.

“My Dad was a welder, a plumber. Both of our parents each worked three jobs a piece when we first came to this country. In Greek families, you work for your kids” explains Nick.

“My parents came to us one day with their life savings. Everything extra they ever made they had been throwing into a box – literally. We were only nineteen years old,” Nick remembers “but we had drive, we were ready.” While they were planning to launch their own venture, Nick got a job at Steve’s House of Pizza shop on the NH/MA line, to get a better idea of how the business worked.

“Working at Steve’s taught me how to handle volume, employees and to take care of our customers.” remembers Nick. “When we finally got our own place, I was always up front and liked dealing with people”.

The brothers learned early that to be in it for the long run, they needed to make every customer realize how important he or she is when they walk into a Kakouris family restaurant. Every meal, every day, every week.

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431 Main St, Fremont, NH 03044

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